Walk Through:

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Collect all the robot parts and 1 of the power fuses.

Click on the robot in the corner and apply all the parts.

Sample of where the parts should go.

Once you complete Oscar, grab the wrench.

Click on the open floor section.

Use the wrench on the bolts to unscrew the panel. Click with the center of the wrench.

Get the code to the safe. Rember to click DATA on the robot to review it again later.

Click on the door debris to move it. this will reveal the code to the door. Oscar will record it in his DATA dislplay.

Oscar will contain all the information you gather along the way. Also click on the tasks to find out what to do next.

The tasks will update when you discover new things to accomplish. Click on the question mark to acquire more information about the task.

Here you can see the information needed to solve the lock puzzle on the safe is available.

Click on the safe in the corner where Oscar was. Type in the code you got from underneath the panel. B3HG8

Grab the door key.

Use the door key on the door.

Input the door code you found on the broken door panel. Yellow, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple.

Click on the door to exit the room.

Grab the power fuse. Click on the sparkling area to go to the HOG scene.

Find all the objects listed. They are randomly selected everytime so pointing them out is useless. The main item needed is the torch.

Use the torch on the beams to access the cockpit.

In here you can collect the 3rd power fuse and complete a HOG scene.

Find all the objects needed to complete the HOG scene including the rag, which is the item collected.

Go back to the "exit room" and click on the fuse area.

Place the fuses into the holders and turn the switch to on.

Go back to the cockpit and click on the screen that says "auxiliary Power:on."

Complete the reflection puzzle.

Click on the door exit area.

Switch the handle from close to open. You will now be outside of the space craft and on the unknown planet.

Once you exit a map is generated by Oscar. This will tell you where you are and where there is HOG scenes for you to play. These will be displayed by random sparkles. The main rotating sparkle is the Frigate that you must fix in order to escape the planet.

Click on the dirt path along side the space craft to go to the next scene.

There is a steal bar that you need to get here. Click on it to retreave it. Also click on the uper right path to proceed forward.

Collect the purple wire and the grappling hook. Then go back to the previous scene.

Click on the left hand side to go to the lake.

Here you can collect some oranges and also use the grappling hook on the boat.

Once you use the grappling hook you can play the HOG scene on the baot.

Complete the HOG scene and acquire the Machete.

Go back to the outside of the ships main hull and use the machete on left side where there is a large amount of grass.

Collect the shovel and click the sparkles to play the HOG scene.

Complete the HOG scene to acquire the ladder.

Go back inside the space craft and click on the sparkles to play the HOG scene.

Complete the HOG scene to acquire the bolt cutters.

Go to the train station and click on the pile of wood in the corner.

Use the bolt cutters to break the chains and get the wood planks.

Go to the Debris site where the chair is and click on the barried power cell.

Use the shovel to get the power cell.

Go to the lake and click on the sparkles to play the HOG scene.

Complete the HOG scene to acquire the rope.

Go to the second crash site and click to climb on to of the ships hull.

Use the ladder to climb down the other side of the ship.

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