Walk Through Page 3:

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Click on the valve to retrieve it. click on the path towards the research lab.

Click on the pick axe and the red wire on the ground to add them to the inventory. Use the allen wrench to unscrew the bolts on the panel.

Add the gears from the inventory to the missing spots. Then use the oil can to remove the rust. The door will open when you do this.

After you lube the gears the door opens. Go to the next scene.

Click on the sledge hammer to add it to you inventory. Add the red button in the inventory to the double doors on the left. Press the button to open the doors.

Go inside to play the HOG.

Complete the HOG to acquire the keycard.

Click on the far door.

Use the keycard and then the small metal pipe from the inventory. Click on the pipe to open the door.

Grab the detonator and then collect the 2 beakers and blue wire.

Use the hammer from the inventory to block the door. Then go outside.

Take the valve on the side railing into inventory. Then go down the stairs.

Click on the sparkles to play the HOG.

Complete the HOG to acquire the screwdriver.

Go back to the lake and wash out all 3 beakers in the water.

Go to the scene just outside the ship. Click on the flowers.

Use a beaker to collect a sample of each color plant.

Go back to the lab and click on the machine in the back

Place the flower samples on the machine and then place the hollow velcro balls on the machine.

Align the pipes and collect the velcro balls full of sleeping agent.

Go to the forest over the hull of the crashed ship and click on the right path.

Use the sleeping agent on the creature and the pickaxe on the left side. Grab the lever.

Click to walk past the creature.

Click on the dead man in the corner, the concrete wall and the sparkles to play the HOG.

Take the keycard from the pocket and the green wire. You should now have all the wires.

Complete the HOG to acquire the valve.

Use the sledge hammer on the wall to break it down. Take the hacksaw.

Go to the woods where the blue creature is and use the sleeping agent. Walk past him to the next scene.

Click on the vines to play the puzzle.

Remove the vines.

Click on the valve to take it. You should now have all 4 valves.


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